Benefits of Expanding Business in India

India is the largest democratic power in the world, which is currently booming with a global influx of business enterprises. The demographics of India have the largest educated youth population in the world and that results not only into consumerism but a highly capable staffing solution.

India is a great market in the field of construction machinery, hardware products, import-export, warehousing, and many others. Statistically, the cost of running a warehouse in India is equal to paying a dedicated manager and two salesmen in China. The cost of labor is quite less in India, which decreases the cost of production by a huge margin. The biggest boost in sales after opening a warehouse in India would be the readiness of the stock on the domestic level, which would clear up the timeline for the stocks to get to the dealers and end-users.

Metropolitan and Tier 2 cities in India will intake the products from the local warehouses and that deflects any sort of loss in the venture.

Global Reach of Reliflex

Established in 2011 as a unique proposition in the market, Reliflex today has conjured business in 16 countries with esteemed joint ventures, and import and exports amongst various other services. We promise to expand your & business globally and in our home country simultaneously.

Establishing a WAREHOUSE with Reliflex in India!

A year ago, we introduced an exciting new venture in the market where Chinese, German, Korean, Japanese and other business ventures from all around the world can set up their warehouses in Metro cities of India hassle-free. In one year, more than 6 companies from around the world have joined this venture. Reliflex promise is to provide your business ultimate protection as you come to India by setting up all the departments including a dedicated team for all services like logistics, customs clearances, sales, after-sales service, administration, marketing, legal advisory, and Accounts etc.

We are working with companies in the field of construction machinery, solar panels, and consumable items amongst others. We supply varied forms of machinery for different industry verticals, hardware items, and tools, etc.

How Does Reliflex Make the WAREHOUSING Convenient for You in India?

Reliflex has successfully established warehouses for international firms in India by establishing their sub-divisions in the home country from the get-go. We have been involved with many projects as joint ventures, retainer-based modules for Chinese and German companies in the field of construction companies, solar companies, electronics gadgets companies, hardware and supplies manufacturers, and furniture manufacturers amongst others.

  • Setting up the entire warehouse after mapping out the details.
  • Dealing with all the logistical solutions of material stocking, maintaining and releasing in the market.
  • Providing 3 point custom clearance support for getting the material in the country hassle-free.
  • Providing a highly dedicated team for sales, marketing, legal, accounts, and customer support and after-sales.
  • Monitoring the local production and timely stock deliverance to the customers.
  • You can get a direct dealership of a particular state without having to hustle in the realms of the Indian market.
  • We work flexibly on the joint venture, profit sharing, and retainer-based modules.

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