How To Import From China

If you are an importer who imports from China to India then you must be aware about customs rules and regulations and how complex they are to deal with and time consuming. Well, we’ve been providing hassle free importing and customs clearance services experience to our hundreds of customers in the India for over 12 years.
We bring years of experience in customs clearance and freight shipping services and is also a fully licensed customs broker based in India. Due to our extensive experience and relationships that he has built with chinese suppliers in the past 12 years it becomes a hassle free experience to import from China to India for each and every client that wants to sell on amazon or offline.

Steps that you have to go through

  • Check for the laws and regulations imposed on the products that you are looking to import from China.
  •  Find qualified and trust worthy suppliers and exporters in China that deal in products that you are looking to import
  • Contact the suppliers that seems suitable to you and deal in products that you are looking to import from China. You must ask for details such as references of the existing customers, business license information and quality certifications to ensure that the supplier meets all the local & international manufacturing standards and regulations.
  • Before you place an order it is advisable that you ask for samples so that you can inspect the products for quality and ensure that it is exactly what you are looking to import from China 
  • Make an order if you are satisfied with the product samples with the supplier. Negotiate pricing if you are placing a bulk order. Generally, for bulk orders prices are low compared to the small quantity orders.
  • Pay for your order. Usually, a chinese supplier would ask for 30% to 50% advance payment for putting your order into production. However, you can negotiate on the percentage of the advance payment. You can pay through wire transfer, PayPal or escrow services that offered by It is always good to go with escrow payment types as it ensures that your funds are safe and you only pay the supplier once the ordered products reaches you.
  • Now comes that part which is a bit complex to handle if you do not have enough knowledge about the customs clearance guidelines and regulations in the India. At this point you need to get in touch with a Licensed Customs Broker. A customs broker is someone who has a license and who is authorized to get your products through the customs clearance channels into the India by satisfying all the regulatory guidelines of the Indian customs and border protection.